At the age of 25 Jon Andersen launched his career as a serial entrepreneur, by harnessing his fear of failure to build and sell his first business. Who would have imagined an unathletic fat little momma’s boy with a whopping learning disability could make that his reality?

School days were spent in the “resource room” a place for kids with special needs. Jon had very low self-esteem, suffered from an eating disorder, causing his weight problem to skyrocket out of control, and he was isolated to the “resource room” in school for kids with special needs.

Paralyzed by the fear of failing, and constantly finding himself being targeted by neighborhood and schoolyard bullies, any attempt at trying anything new was not an option for Jon. He became a TV zombie couch potato, searching for superheroes and discovering his way to greatness at the bottom of an ice cream container. Through a series of humiliating events, he finally said enough is enough buckled down, and launched into the hard work he believed was his only way out of the torment.

Hi, dream of greatness, sparked by his TV superheroes put an end to Jon’s merry-go-round of constantly living in a state of fearing life. He faced his fear of failure, attempted something new, and hit the weight room. In his young mind, if ten sets were good then twenty would be better. Driven by the fear of failing he quickly saw his strength; work ethic and determination were unmatched by anyone in the gym. His self-esteem and confidence began to soar as accolades poured over him, inspiring him to push forward into his dream of greatness, knowing the possibility was becoming his new reality.

Fast forward a decades later, Jon continued to harness his fears, unleashing an unwavering work ethic, not only earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Philosophy from the University of Portland, but his drive and focus also brought him to an international stage, competing in strongman competitions, that earned him his pro card and solidified his place as a top international competitor after only 4 competitions. As the chapter of being a strongman ran its course and closed, Jon once again leaned into harnessing his pesky fear of failing, divining into his next endeavor, Pro-wrestling, where he acquired a major pro-wrestling contract in Japan. An achievement most wrestlers spend a lifetime pursuing. But Jon wasn’t done.

Having mastered the art of harnessing his fear of failure he became a professional bodybuilder for the biggest bodybuilding federation in the world, the IFBB, becoming one of five people in IFBB history to earn his pro-card in only two competitions.

Jon now leverages his knowledge and expertise of harnessing fear of failure, as an entrepreneur and three different athletic careers, to be a highly sought-after coach, mentor, and speaker – making it all look completely natural. He has had multiple successful business ventures and is currently living his true calling, the business of changing lives by inspiring and empowering people from all walks of life to harness their fear of failure to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Bringing together healthy lifestyle habits with the proper mindset, discipline, and motivation anything is possible.

Jon spoke to the Optimist Club about personal empowerment, regarding mindset and well-being. Jon encouraged the group to get outside the preconceived confines of life. His common sense approach was powerful and warmly received.

Julie Clemmer

Optimist Cub President

Listening to Jon speak completely changed my way of thinking. I finally felt like I knew what I needed to do and I was more motivated than ever to get it done!

Travis Ortmayer

American Professional Strongman Athlete